Optical Bolt Sorting Machine


Optical & Eddy Current Sorting Machine


Outstanding Features :

UPS continuous power supply to ensure the computer is being protected from electrical surges.
NG Part exit is monitored to prevent NG parts being carried to the OK exit.
Linear vibratory feeding mechanism enhances feeding stability
All defects and dimensions are inspected simultaneously within one pass of the sorting cycle. Reduce surface and plating damages.
All mechanical operations are being monitored constantly to ensure correct operating condition.
High speed recess depth inspected by laser.

Equipment :

Digital camera for the top image and light source (1 set)
Digital camera for the side-head image and backlight panel (1 set)
Digital camera for the shank image and backlight panel (1 set)
Parts exhaust device and monitoring equipment (2 sets)
Vibratory bowl feeder (1 set)
Linear vibratory feeding mechanism (1 set)
Indexing Disk (3 sets)
Industrial-class computer and sorting program (1 set)
UPS continuous power supply
(Optional) eddy current material inspecting module.

Inspecting Functions :

Head diameter
Head thickness
Head crack
Head-recess concentricity
Head circularity
Thread major diameter
Thread minor diameter
Thread pitch
Thread helix angle
Shank Length
Skewed thread
Tip sharpness
Recess shape
Head marking
Tail breakage
Threads on double threaded parts
(Optional) eddy current material inspection